Внимание. Вас снимают.

Jimmy Hendrix with a Polaroid

Знаменитости со своими фотокамерами.

The Great Gonzo with a camera


Robert Plant and Jimmy Page with Nikon F2s


Ringo with a Pentax SLR


Pharrell Williams with a Rolleiflex


Paul McCartney, a cup of tea and a Pentax Spotmatic


Nick Drake with a Hasselblad


Mick Jagger with a Polaroid


Michael Jackson


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and a MF camera


Madonna with what looks like a Canon g12


Kate Moss with a Holga


Johnny Depp with camera


Edward Norton and a Rolleiflex


Drew Barrymore and a Polaroid


Debbie Harry with an SLR


David Bowie with a Leica m6 by Ellen Von Unwerth 2003


Brad Pitt with a shockingly cavalier attitude towards correct camera handling etiquette


Bob Dylan with a Nikon SP Rangefinder


Arnold Schwarzenegger with an SLR


Angelina Jolie with a large format bellows camera


Alain Delon with a rangefinder and some flying rats


A young Bridget Bardot with a Leica

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