Замысловатость в картинах Джона Лури (John Lurie)

Man cannot destroy nature. Nature is too mean.



Twelve Bottoms Against Nature




This painting stands for goodness


This is what I really call a message


There is a caveman in my apartment examining the fur. I wish he would leave


The Skeleton in my closet has moved out to the garden


The skeleton in my closet has moved back out to the garden.


The Religious Misanthrope


The last thoughts of what's his name


The Lascivious Swamp People


The host


The anchor is stuck.I cannot go anywhere.Time for a sandwich.


Support Global Warming


Panther outside of house as photographed by Abraham Zapruder


My horse must think it queer


Landscape 1914


I was a Coyote. Then I died. Then I came back as a Coyote.


I am thankful for my skeleton. He is out in the garden.


Horse with mullet


Hello! I brought you these flowers.


George Washington crossing the Delaware. A masterpiece!


Fun Fun Fun Fun


Dog is Blind. Who will help?


Blockheads kissing


Bird Falls Near Chinese Garbage


Bear Surprise


Источник: wiki/Лури,_Джон / John Lurie Art



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